I have passion for computer animation since young age; I enjoy designing, sculpting and rigging characters!

I received my Associate’s Degree in Computer Graphics in 2004, then I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking and editing in 2013. I started my career at very young age; almost when I was 18! I worked in various design studios as a Computer Graphics Artist, until in 2006 I moved to the animation industry!

I study a lot of math, anatomy, motion and softwares every day in order to accomplish my mission, and I work closely with the art directors and the animators to translate their visions into believable characters that move in the 3D space.

I have more than five years of professional experience as Character Technical Director. I’ve been in more than 3 animation feature films and some short film as character technical director. Right now I am working in Animamundi Studio in Malaysia country as character TD