AmRig madular Rigging system

Body and Facial Rig

Game engines compatible

full GPU compatible

Rebuild able

AmRig is my body and facial Auto Rig system that has written based on Pyside and Python Api

AmRig is modular base, it means we can have different type of components Rig for every item.

I got my primitive idea from mgear Auto Rig so you can see a couple of options are same but they are totally different.

Working with one special Rigging system always make a limitation for yours, because you do not have the freedom to do as you like, and you should follow the ideas of the person who wrote this rig system.

All of these was a reasons that motivated me to write my own Rigging system

I agree that it is very tough to start writing an Auto Rig and maybe we should take at least a year to have at least something. But after that time, Rigging will be very enjoyable

and now after 3 years pass, I’m really happy, because every project is a different experience and new challenge for me and this push me to constantly upgrade my Rigging system to be more flexible for every situation

in the continue you can see a demo reel from it. I hope you like it

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